Individual Counseling

Individual counseling affords the therapist and client the ability to focus specifically on the client's struggles and goals. It is a very focussed and intentional approach. 

Individual counseling topics commonly covered: Anger, difficulty expressing emotions, relationship dissatisfaction, sexual issues, pornography struggles, work/family stress, depression, identity issues, substance abuse, and anxiety.

Couples Counseling

Marriage or couples therapy provides each member a secure place to identify relationship issues, set collective goals and work with a therapist to achieve their relationship ideals. 

Common issues addressed in couples counseling: communication, disconnection, sex, money, infidelity, lost connection, personality differences, fighting, anger, withdrawal, and parental issues. 

Group Counseling

This form of therapy is a unique and very effective avenue to address personal issues in a confidential and supportive group. Groups are non issue specific, but are limited to adult men. 

Currently I offer a men's counseling group that runs for 12 weeks. It is a closed group, meaning once enrollment is closed no more group members will be added. This insures trust and confidentiality for all of the group members. 


I offer issue specific workshops which meet for several hours in a short period of time. This approach allows clients with busy schedules the ability to maximize their time and investment. Typically a workshop meets a total of 4 nights, 2 hours per night, for a total of 8 hours. Workshops include tools and handouts, as well as action steps to be completed between meetings. 

Workshop topics include; temper/anger control, Men: how to build a better marriage, Couples: addressing past hurts and deepening connection. 

Online/Phone Counseling

Is your schedule getting in the way of making it in to a counseling office? I also offer online video and phone sessions that provide a convenient and confidential space for those limited by time or distance.